This police dog in Brisbane, Australia was fired from his job for being too friendly for the line of work.

He wasn’t interested in catching criminals, finding explosives, or staying focused while on the job. He was much more concerned with getting a scratch behind the ear, a pat on the head, or a tasty snack from just about anyone in sight.

But what would become of this newly unemployed German Shepherd with a friendly disposition?

Would he spend the rest of his doggie days jobless?

There aren’t that many career prospects for a dog.

Source: Governor of Queensland via Facebook    

A dog’s resume

Gavel was training as a police dog and was prepared to spend plenty of time working – or not working – for the Queensland Police Service in Eastern Australia.

He got to know some of the officers there, and all of them loved the jovial canine. In fact, everyone who met him fell in love. It was hard not to.

Unfortunately, he was just too friendly for the job and was easily distracted, which is not an ideal trait in police dog work. He just wanted some love!

He wasn’t cut out for the kind of focused work that he would be required to do when helping with search and rescues or apprehending criminals.

He was more of a belly rubs, treats, and gleeful runs through the park kind of dog.

Who could blame him, really?

His training was canceled because he just wasn’t a good fit for the job.

Source: Governor of Queensland via Facebook    

A new line of work

As luck would have it, an even better job offer has come his way – and it fit his skills perfectly! It was almost as if it was tailored just for him.

Gavel was about to become the official Vice-Regal working dog. He was also about to be officially adopted by Queensland Governor Paul de Jersey. Talk about some amazing luck! He went straight to the top of the canine corporate ladder and got a really nice house with a great family on top of it all.

Source: Governor of Queensland via Facebook    

His new job requires all the characteristics that he has naturally – he needs to be welcoming, friendly, and persuade visitors to pet him. It seems like the perfect vocation for this ex-police dog cadet.

There is even an official contract requiring his paw print. Within the fine print, it states that he will perform the duties of attending official ceremonies and welcoming any visitors.

We’re not sure if the contract mentions that the job comes with a uniform, but it does, and it’s the perfect fit! It is even embroidered with his name. He looks like one very regal canine.

Source: Governor of Queensland via Facebook    

How it happened

Governor Paul de Jersey had first met Gavel back when he was only a ten-week-old puppy. The dog was staying at the governor’s residence to receive socialization during his police dog training.

When he was officially cut from the police dog program, the governor felt that adopting him into the family officially and giving him a new job was the least he could do for the friendly German Shepherd. It was really the only decision possible!


Source: Governor of Queensland via Facebook

We think it’s the perfect career choice for this lovable canine.

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