Cherri and Keith were still in high school when Cherri got pregnant. They knew they were much too young and ill-equipped to raise a baby.

Cherri made the gut-wrenching decision to place her son for adoption. She never got to hold him. It was an experience that would haunt her for the next 44 years.

At 5 months old, Kevin was adopted by a couple who couldn’t conceive children. He never knew a time when he didn’t know he was adopted.

Though he had a happy and loving childhood, Kevin longed to learn about his birth parents… but his adoption records were sealed.

It wasn’t until he had a family of his own and his wife bought him an at-home ancestry kit that the pieces started coming together.

Around the same time Kevin put his information into the DNA database, another man named Larry did the same.

Kevin and Larry received a notification saying the two men could be first cousins. Shortly after, Larry tracked down Kevin’s phone number to deliver some shocking news. “I’m not your first cousin,” he told Kevin. “I’m your uncle. Your dad is my brother… and I’m standing in the living room with your mother and father.”

Not only was Kevin’s biological mother living just down the road, but he was about to learn the stunning truth about both of his birth parents.


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