Debbie’s parents had her when they were 18. Deciding they were too young and not ready to provide for a child, they made the painful decision to place her for adoption.


The couple stayed together, though. They eventually got married and had three more children — two sons and one daughter. The family of five lived on Long Island.

Debbie, on the other hand, was adopted. She grew up an only child and spent decades yearning to know more about her birth parents.

In 2017, Debbie took at at-home DNA test, hoping to gain some insight into her past. She was not, however, prepared for the results.

Debbie was shocked to find not one but three biological siblings.

Not only does her younger sister, Catherine, look like a spitting image of her, but as the pair got to know one another via text and social media, it became clear they had many things in common.

In fact, Catherine found an old home video that proved they were always much closer than Debbie could have expected…


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