Someone who really appreciates a hard worker is Mike Rowe. If you haven’t heard of him, you’re going to want to look him up on. You’re sure to find a good bit of info on him as he is more than just a nobody. He has been in the spotlight for many different things throughout the years. Before you hit the internet, check out this story about him.

One thing that Rowe is known for is being the narrator in the show Deadliest Catch. It’s a reality show about crab fishermen and how tough their line of work is.

Another place you may have seen Rowe is on a show called Dirty Jobs. In this show he travels about while experiencing other’s jobs first hand showing off how hard and dirty work truly is for women and men throughout the states.

He works hard to bring attention to trade jobs. These type of jobs have unfortunately been on a decline over some recent decades. Rowe has even gone as far as starting a website for activism towards these type of trades. It’s called The Mike Rowe Works Foundation. On this website, you can find information and forums which can be used as a resource.

This is great for anyone that is looking to start a career in a trade job. One plus for many people is that most of the jobs featured on this site don’t require getting too dirty.

Prior to where he is now, Rowe was a singer. And not just any singer, but a professional opera singer. His voice is impeccable. In 2006, Rowe was asked to perform the National Anthem before a baseball game that was occurring in Bowie, Maryland.

Without hesitation, he takes the audience by the ears. You simply won’t believe his talent.

Take a listen in the video ! This man’s talents have no end!


Who would have thought that he could sing like that? Do you have any hidden talents that the world needs to know about? If you do, tell us in the comments! Don’t forget to show this video on to others. They are sure to get a treat from this performance.


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