How do you like to spend your free time? Some people prefer to take naps and others like to play games. But there are a few that enjoy challenging their brains and we assume you’re one of those and that’s why you’re here.

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Riddles and puzzles are a great way to give your brain a workout. They add a little bit of spark to your day and the best thing is that you feel pretty good when you correctly solve them.

Spotting something different in an image is a pretty good idea for a riddle. These types of puzzles challenge you to pay attention to even the smallest details. Why? Because, at first glance, these images usually look normal and regular. But when your job is to find what’s not so ‘normal’ about it, this can push you to look harder.

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Perhaps you will figure out the answer if you squint, look at the image upside down or try and get a different perspective. Whatever you do is fine as long as you’re enjoying the process. And we have a good one for you today.

This image below portrays a beautiful wedding setting. There’s a bride, her groom, a bridesmaid and even a priest officiating the event. All these seem fine, right? But here’s the catch: there’s something wrong with the picture.

To find it, you have to look very closely. Perhaps imagine a wedding and think about the little details one may find in such a setting. Then try and see if it is the same with what you’re seeing right now in this photo.

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The goal isn’t just to spot the odd detail but to do it as quickly as possible, preferably within seconds. Were you able to?

If you figured it out quickly, well done! But if you had some problems, then we have your answer.

The bridesmaid isn’t carrying a bunch of flowers which is what was supposed to happen. She’s holding something else: a bunch of carrots.

Hope you had fun with this riddle? As always, invite your friends to join you by sharing this on social media. You can play a game to see if they can beat your time.

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