In this era of modern medicine, we take it for granted that the mortality rate of mother and child via childbirth is at the lowest humanity has seen in centuries.

Unfortunately, heartbreaking losses of either mother, child, or even both still happen.

In fact, it can still occur in countries that otherwise have excellent healthcare infrastructure, and has led to far too many tragic stories.

In the case of this couple, the loss is even more gut-wrenching than usual because of the fact that they have been aspiring parents despite the difficulties and hardships they faced.

Vanessa Fernandez Arango is a 30-year-old blogger who had been struggling with fertility issues for ages, including the likes of two ectopic pregnancies.

However, she had not struggled in silence, and had chosen to document and share her story  on Instagram .

This honesty and willingness to discuss such a painful and sensitive topic had earned her a massive, loyal following that proved to be a source of support as well.

Finally, Arango had good news to share with her followers. This past May, she revealed that after all that hard work, she had gotten pregnant.

She announced this wonderous news of her pregnancy to her followers by posting a picture of a positive pregnancy test on Instagram.

In her ecstasy, she wrote the following in Spanish – “The beginning of the end. The beginning of feeling life and the end of suffering. So here begins our story, our story with a happy ending.”

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This poetic quote should have marked the beginning of what had seemed to be the start of an amazing journey into parenthood with her husband. Alas, reality was less kind.

Already diagnosed with  gestational diabetes , Arango suddenly fainted when she was at breakfast in her home.

Image Credit:  _sintrompasyaloloco_ / Instagram

She was then rushed to the hospital, where the doctors were forced to perform an emergency C-section, according to the updates provided by her 32-year-old husband Jonathan Garcia.

Thankfully, Arango was already at 38 weeks, which meant that although the baby would be  premature , he would stand a fighting chance outside the womb.

Image Credit:  _sintrompasyaloloco_ / Instagram

Alas, Arango did not have that same luck. To the shock and horror of many, Garcia confirmed that his beloved wife did not survive childbirth, and his newborn child was now fighting for its life in intensive care.

He later then informed his wife’s followers that her Instagram “will now close.”

Later, the Spanish news outlet El Mundo would reveal that Arango had died of cardiac arrest while in the operating theatre.

Despite his initial announcement, Garcia soon went back to the social media platform.

There, he posted regular progress updates about Alvaro, his newborn son who was given the name the couple had chosen together and had shared with their followers back in August.

Although the baby still required intensive care and had to undergo many tests, the boy was recovering, giving his father high hopes.

Image Credit:  _sintrompasyaloloco_ / Instagram

Since then, the boy has gotten healthy enough to go home with his father, who has received a continued avalanche of support since his wife’s passing.

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