These days, there are no inhibitions to the high health risks that health fanatics can take. Most of the time, people accept hearsay about health care prescriptions and actually implement it in their lives.


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One woman even went as far as injecting herself with fruit juice in the name of improving her health, and she almost lost her life as a result.

Zeng is a 51-year-old woman from China who took one of the most ridiculous health risks ever.

According to Daily Mail, Zeng injected herself with 20 flavors of fruit juice in an attempt to better her health condition.

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Although she was not diagnosed with any previous medical condition, she possibly wanted to join the ‘fit fam’ trend, which seems to be rampant on the internet nowadays.

Zeng planned her mission meticulously. She pretended to be bedridden and had a doctor over to prescribe a drip for her. After the doctor left, she switched the fluid he prescribed with an IV bag of her ‘health juice.’

As soon as the juice registered in her system, she began to feel feverish and itchy, but she didn’t take any caution.

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It was only when her bewildered husband came home and saw her state that he rushed her to a hospital in Chenzhou, Hunan province.

However, the hospital’s doctor knew her medical condition was beyond their capabilities; therefore, they transferred her to the Affiliated Hospital of Xiangnan University.

A doctor, Liu Jianxiu, attended to Zeng in ICU (Intensive Care Unit), where they realized how much damage the folk remedy had done.

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The doctor reported that Zeng suffered from a critical infection and damage to her kidney, heart, and liver, which could cause death by multiple organ failure and sepsis.

Zeng’s treatment process included prescribing antibiotics, cleansing of blood through dialysis, and clotting agents.

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Fortunately, she got better after five days, and she was moved to a kidney unit for further recovery.

Hopefully, this story will deter people from any form of self-medication. Note that if the prescription isn’t based on scientific evidence, then you should completely ignore it. Be health-conscious!


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