Kids with Down’s Syndrome have the ability to light up any room. Although it may be challenging to communicate with these sweet children at first, they quickly win you over once you get the chance to know them.


One particular boy with Down’s Syndrome is winning the world over with this brilliant smile. Riley Baxter is a precious boy from Rochester, Kent, England.

Known by many as “Riley Smiley,” the boy’s glowing smile has even earned him a modeling contract.

Riley’s dad, Stuart, said that the boy has been known for his big smile since he was a baby. Stuart added that Riley has always had the ability to pick people up when they are having a bad day simply by flashing his pearly whites.

Riley’s parents admit that they were once anxious about his future because of the Down’s Syndrome. However, now they know that Riley can do anything. 

The little boy’s parents want everyone to know that every child should be loved and encouraged.

No matter what disabilities a person may have, the parents should never give up on their dreams for their child.


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