You don’t know what real friends are until you see what these men in blue did for the family of a fallen officer from their squad. Recently, in an unfortunate event Deputy Peter Herrera, a thirty-five-year-old officer lost his life while on duty. It happened on March 22, 2019, most unusually.


While conducting his normal traffic rounds and routines, he saw a suspicious driver and walked to the car, requesting to see the documents. The driver unexpectedly pulled out a gun and shot Deputy Pete multiple times.

Pete was rushed to the hospital in time thanks to a stranger who saw the incident and caught him bleeding. The good Samaritan called in for help although they couldn’t do much to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his gunshot injuries and loss of blood two days after the incidence while in hospital.

Deputy Peter Hererra was a father of one and had wife he loved so much from his social media posts. It was not only a terrible loss to the family but also his community and fellow police officers. They all spent some quality time celebrating his life.

The office of the county sheriff of El Paso was not left behind in this difficult time of mourning the Deputy. Jamil Moutran, who is the Texas Rescue Patrol Chief, made his presence known during the mourning session to give the Deputy’s family his condolences.

He quoted that the entire law enforcement community and also the El Paso society at large lost a very great hero while on duty and he will not be forgotten.

According to followings and reports by El Paso Times, Deputy Peter Herrera’s funeral procession was held on March 29, graced by thousands of attendants all giving their last respects to the hero.

The function saw more than a thousand law enforcement vehicles from all across the country. This shows how much love the officer shared with people from across the borders.

Deputy Herrera was laid to rest. On Monday, April the first, Natalie Herrera, Deputy’s only daughter headed back to school still heavy from the healing wound.

On this particular day, tens of police officers showed up to Natalie’s school to give her strength and comfort as she resumed her daily routine. They wanted to show her that she wasn’t alone in the healing journey.

Like a hero, the men and women in blue gave her an escort, all lined across the pathway as she walked in between the two lines. The officers all in solidarity swore to stand by Deputy Herrera’s family.

He might not be around physically, but in their souls, he continues to live. Do these officers’ actions move you? Deputy Herrera deserves more celebration for a life taken too soon. Join us in spreading the hero’s story as a tribute to his name.


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