No matter how experienced the driver, there are always certain drives that people are afraid of and the Eshima Ohashi bridge located in Sakaiminato, Japan, otherwise known as the ‘Rollercoaster Bridge’ is no exception. With an incline of 6.1 percent (the equivalent of going up or down 6.1 feet in height for every 100 feet in length), this bridge gives even the most experienced truck drivers heart palpitations.


Eshima Ohashi is an architect’s dream. It connects Matsue in the Shimane Prefecture to Sakaiminato in the Tottori Prefecture over Nakaumi Lake. Due to the extensive traffic on the lake, the unique architecture of Eshima Ohashi was a necessity. The bridge was created to ensure boat traffic would never be delayed while traveling under the bridge. Therefore this structure appears almost vertical when one approaches it in a motor vehicle. 

Miraculously, however, there have been no reported accidents on the Eshima Ohashi bridge and authorities state any vehicle should be able to safely traverse it. Built from 1997 to 2004, this bridge is a literal tourist attraction. People flock from all over the continent to drive over this bridge and brag to their friends about their adventure.

Although there are a lot of frightening roads and bridges in the world, the Eshima Ohashi definitely deserves a spot in the top ten. This bridge definitely earns the title of ‘most terrifying bridge in Japan.’ Combine a fear of heights with this bridge’s architecture and it can be a total nightmare to traverse!

What’s the scariest drive you’ve ever experienced? Tell us about it in the comments! Do you think your friends and family would enjoy visiting the Eshima Ohashi bridge? Pass this story on to dare them!


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