Olive Nest Tiny Homes is working to prove that the minimalist lifestyle can be comfortable and even luxurious as well.

More people than ever are interested in tiny homes, but there are still many misconceptions about the capabilities of the design style. However, as the years go on, more elaborate designs are being built that are just as comfortable as full-size houses.


The model shown in the pictures and videos is known as the “Elsa” and sells for roughly $81,000.

The house is roughly 323 square feet in the main area, but that does not include the attached pergola trailer and greenhouse, which is 85 square feet.

This is the perfect tiny house for going off grid!

The house has a gray standing seam metal roof and matching siding 

4 glass panel front door 

You can stock your whole garden in this greenhouse

It has enough space to store all of your vegetables for the year too

Separate trailer pergola and deck with porch swing and wrap around planters 

Full-size gas range and oven with marble countertops

Pergo flooring and pine floors in loft 

Live-edge cherry stair treads, bathroom counter & pivoting bar 

At night, the tiny home looks just like a real log cabin

This week, City Lab reported that people who live in tiny homes generally adopt greener lifestyles


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