In March 2019, the Mississippi River flooded the areas of the Quad Cities in Illinois. At one point, the river stage was higher than 20 feet for the first time in many years.


The historic flooding has left many residents trapped inside their homes with no way of getting in or out of their neighborhoods. This is a particular problem for those who depend on medical care and may require medical attention at the drop of a hat.

That is precisely why two hospice nurses are getting so much attention for doing their part to ensure their patients’ needs are met.

Stephanee Peterson and TA Peterson work for Hospice Compassus. Every week, twice a week, Stephanee and TA have been braving the floodwaters to deliver medical aid to a patient who needs it more than most.

The patient lives in a flooded home on Campbell’s Island, a piece of land right off the Mississippi River. To make the trip and perform their care, Stephanee and TA must wade through the floodwaters and take a boat through the patient’s neighborhood – something they’ve never had to do before. The entire trip can take nearly four hours.

But this is the patient’s home, they say, and this is where she wants to be.

“This shouldn’t be an exception to care; this should be the standard,” Stephanee told WQAD.


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