Daniel was prepping for a gender reveal party he was throwing for his pregnant wife. The couple from Detroit were already proud parents to identical twin boys.


Daniel was the only one in the family who knew their baby’s gender. Even the mom-to-be didn’t know, so this reveal was going to be particularly special.

Gender reveal cakes are a current trend, but couples usually enlist a professional baker. Daniel, however, decided to make the cake all by himself… and he wanted to take his creativity and engineering skills to a whole new level.

Daniel intended on hiding a doll inside the cake, dressed in either blue or pink, then have the baby physically pop out of the cake and surprise his wife and guests.

Only, the reveal took a hilariously unexpected turn…

The doll most definitely sprung out of the icing — making it look like the cake gave birth.

Daniel burst into laughter while his guests screamed with joy… and a little horror.


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