Babies do some pretty darn adorable things. Whether it’s laughing at a dog eating popcorn, turning their sisters into zebras or having conversations with themselves on the phone, we just can’t get enough!


The baby in this heart-melting video fits perfectly into this category. Josh Kisner, from Texas, was laying comfortably in his Lazy Boy with his sweet 18-month-old little girl named Riley resting on his chest. Riley’s arms and legs were completely stretched out, positioning herself in a never-ending hug.


But things got even more adorable when Kisner tried to pull his arms away from little Riley. Each time he so much as picked up his arms, Riley reached out to put them back in their proper place. The result is a hug that Riley just won’t let end… the two are stuck like glue!

This was so adorable that Kisner’s wife, Casey, pulled out her phone to capture the moment. She posted it to Facebook with this caption: “Riley just can’t get going in the morning without morning snuggles with Dada.”

When it was originally posted, the video racked up 4 million views within days. Watch it above and you’ll see why!

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Source: inspiremore.

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