Photographer  Alla Ponomareva  and her husband Garrett had plenty of extra space on their 20-acres of land in Missoula, Montana; so, they decided to start a clever, creative, and one-of-a-kind guest house project.

Using plans from  Derek “Deek” Diedricksen , which estimated a cost of $1,200, Alla and her husband used repurposed materials to create an adorable A-Frame guest house for just $700.

Source: Alla Ponomareva 

The 80-square-foot guest cabin is undeniably charming from the exterior. The gorgeous A-frame structure features a large deck that wraps around the entire cabin, large windows, solar panels, and a completely translucent wall.

During the warm, summer months, Alla’s guests can push up the see-through wall for an instantly expanded space that opens to the surrounding nature.

Source: Alla Ponomareva

In addition to the removable wall expanding the 80-square-feet, it also provides a roof for an instant covered patio. Great for grabbing a chair and relaxing with a book, or even dining al fresco.

“When the wall is up, its a whole different experience. Luckily, Montana has almost no mosquitos to speak of in the summer time, so there’s no need for a mosquito net,” Alla says on her  blog .

Source: Alla Ponomareva

Inside, Alla and her husband wanted to make the small cabin really pop. They opted for a coral and mint color scheme.

Source: Alla Ponomareva 

“Be happy, enjoy the little things,” a sign reads above the window. It’s hard not to fall in love with all of the little details in this beautiful A-frame guest cottage. Upon entering, you immediately notice the abundance of natural light thanks to the translucent wall – making the small space feel less cramped

The two sofas on each side of the cabin can be used as two separate single beds.

Source: Alla Ponomareva

Or, simply push the two small beds together to create a larger full bed.

Source: Alla Ponomareva

From the angle above, you’ll notice how much height the A-frame design provides guests in the cabin. There is not only storage underneath the beds, but there are also plenty of built-in shelves on the far wall as well.

Although there isn’t a full kitchen in the guest quarters, there are a few functional necessities.

Source: Alla Ponomareva

Alla and Garrett set up a large water jug which guests can use for cooking, washing small dishes, or brushing their teeth. There is also a Coleman portable burner so guests can warm up water for coffee or tea, it could also be used to cook simple, small meals.

Source: Alla Ponomareva

Solar lights illuminate the hammock area in the evening where guests can relax and stargaze.

Source: Alla Ponomareva 

“If you haven’t seen the stars in Montana, then you haven’t truly seen the stars…” Alla  says .

Some fun facts about this A-frame:

  • It only took Alla and Garrett around 3 weeks to build.
  • Design plan was created by  Derek “Deek” Diedricksen .
  • Can sleep two people comfortably, three if they’re in a sleeping bag on the floor.
  • Guests can use the outdoor portable toilet and solar shower.
  • Total cost was approximately $700 using mostly recycled and reused materials.

Learn more about Alla and Garrett’s adorable A-frame by visiting her website .

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