The first time a wee one meets a new baby sibling or cousin, it’s usually love at first sight. They can’t stop smiling down at the tiny bundle of joy.

Once in awhile these first introductions do not go smoothly. There might be tears or a few shrieks of “get him away from me!”


But the first time one itty bitty little girl meets her brand new baby cousin, she cannot contain her emotions. Her reaction to finally being up close and personal with the baby is so darn cute!


She cannot stop grinning as the baby’s mom steps toward her, the baby in her hands. The little girl opens her arms, excitedly anticipating the baby being delivered into her lap.


The baby’s mom gingerly places the newborn on a bed of pillows, providing support for the baby. The little cousin just gazes in amazement at the baby.

She gets so emotional as soon as she finally lays eyes on her baby cousin! The dark haired baby squirms like a worm, nestled up against her older cousin.

The adorable toddler leans down and plants a kiss on the baby’s forehead. Suddenly, tears well up in her eyes!

She looks up at the camera and tries hard to hold back the tears. Her pretty little face framed by a pixie cut shows such joy as she cradles the baby like a pro.

The baby treats the little cousin to a huge yawn and nestles into her. She can’t believe it!


Even when the baby loudly screeches and squawks, big cousin only has to tenderly caress the baby’s leg to calm him down. These two are probably going to be the best of friends growing up!

Facebook user Denise Hibbert sweetly described the baby’s cousin as an “old soul.” Lily Amethyst Ysrael Chai proclaimed on Facebook that she undoubtedly would make a great baby sitter and mom someday.

“(She) has compassion at such an early age. Great feature.”

Amanda Johnston described their meeting as a “beautiful, tender moment.”

“That darling little girl reminds us of what is good in this world.”

This first meeting of young ones is bound to be the first of many snuggles, hugs and cuddles these two cousins will share. Sure, there likely will be a few squabbles, but cousins make wonderful playtime pals and friendships that can last forever.


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