By Alexis Wittman

This 7-year-old girl got the surprise of a lifetime after her cheering performance during a football game.


While her father was overseas serving as an officer in the U.S. Navy, little Hayley McGregor knew she had to stay strong while dad was away – she tried her very best at everything too. While performing well in school, the 7-year-old began mastering her cheerleading routine for the next high school football game.

When game day came around, Hayley and her peers were more than ready for the cheerleading performance. However, one thing Hayley wasn’t ready for was when she heard her father’s name over the loudspeaker. When she found out her father had come home from Afghanistan and had been watching from the sideline the whole time, she was overwhelmed. Her face says it all!

Such an emotional moment – lets hope that every military homecoming is just awesome as this one. Please SHARE this moment with your friends and family.


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