Prepare to cry. Like ugly cry with snot rockets. And if you don’t, then you’ve misplaced your soul. Meet Tina Marie Lythgoe, founder of Josh and His Critters. Josh is her canine kiddo and together they capture the hearts of animals in need from all walks of life. She’s going to cash out a big fat karma check one day because she might just be the Mother Theresa of the animal kingdom.

Josh and his critters


Tina has an immeasurable kindness towards animals and has made it her life’s work to take in misfit animals that no one wants. Animals who are dying, deformed, blind, deaf, you name it, she does not turn an animal in need down. And I’m not just talking about cats and dogs. If you have a heartbeat, you’re welcome. Pigs, chickens, mice, come as you are.

Josh and his critters


“We go to the shelter and we go to the medical ward where the dogs are really, really broken.” –Tina Lythgoe

Tina has such a deep compassion for all living creatures that she makes sure they get the best love and care they could ever get. And I’m over here like, “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!”

Josh and his critters


And I say that because I’ve been in the face of a dog with special needs and it is not an easy task. Managing the health of one animal in need is done around the clock, not to mention multiple animals in need. The struggles Tina must face, I can’t even begin to understand. But I sure am thankful this world has her. And so are the dear animals who are fortunate enough to be taken in by her. Like Little Bird, her quadriplegic Poodle puppy.

Little Bird was stricken with major birth defects like a cleft lip, blindness, one nostril, defected neck and legs. Tina took this little angel in even when everyone said there was no chance at life.

“He has little black eyes and I could see the sparkle in them, and I thought, oh yeah, you’re gonna live baby!” –Tina Lythgoe

Josh and his critters


He went from squirming on the ground, unable to use his back legs, to walking! All because of the love and affection, and unwavering attention that he received from Tina. Not only that, but he engages with other animals and gives her all the love back. A story like Little Bird’s is what makes it all worth it for Tina.

Little Bird’s story is just one of many made by the heart and hand of Tina Marie Lythgoe. Tina, you’re incredible. The world needs more compassionate, animal loving humans like you!


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