Many people who own, or want to own, a tiny home value them for their simplicity. No longer do you have to deal with expensive home maintenance, and in some cases, you can easily pack it up and move it elsewhere if you desire a change in scenery. Luckily, buying a tiny home has become much more affordable.

Here is an affordable tiny home-in-a-box that you can assemble, with help, in only one day.

The Lillevilla Escape

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Called the Lillevilla Escape, this tiny home only measures about 113 square feet, and has one main room. Selling on Amazon for around $4,200 by tiny home manufacturer Lillevilla, the home-building kit takes about a month to ship, though the shipping costs is included in the price of the house.

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Weighing in at over 3,000 pounds, the kit comes with everything you need to build this affordable and cozy home, except tools and manpower. In addition, for home builders who want to live in the home year round, the manufacturer recommends that you put in insulation and drywall.

It Is Easy to Assemble

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Assembly is easy, requiring only two adults and one day to put it all together. In addition, you’ll need basic tools, such as a drill, ladder, and measuring tape, among others, to help in the construction process. You can even put it together yourself, but it takes longer and is not as safe.

What it Looks Like Inside

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The inside of the home looks super cozy with space for a full living room set, including a sofa bed that you can pull out when you want to sleep. Cooking space might be a little sparse, but, as any resourceful tiny homeowner knows, with the right equipment you can do about anything in a tiny home.

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To really make the small space your own, you can add personal touches, such as favorite decor pieces, additional lighting, and personal mementos. You can also use area rugs to soften the hardwood floors and make the house even more inviting.

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Best of all, the main room opens directly onto the outside, making it perfect for the homeowner who likes the outdoors or is on the go. The tiny home can also serve as a guest cottage, home office, workshop, or other space to suit your needs and tastes.

The Home Goes Perfect With a Porch

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You can also add a porch to give you an outdoor area to take in the fresh air and sun, or to entertain visitors. One great idea is to install a wraparound porch, giving you even more space, or allowing you to sit to take in the sun regardless of the time of day.

Other Options for the Home

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In addition to the base kit, you can purchase additional options for the Lillevilla Escape for an extra cost. Some of the options you can get include extra windows, shutters for the windows, and up to three flower boxes to hold all of your plants. You can even add a loft above the existing space though this does require extra materials.

And while tiny home living is not for everyone, it is great for someone looking to reduce the impact they might have on the environment. As a matter of fact, the Lillevilla Escape, and other homes like it, is the perfect way for someone looking to reduce their overall environmental footprint for a really affordable price.

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