While dogs are known for their loyalty and love for their owners, Maureen Hatcher’s two Labradors went above and beyond when she had a stroke. With not a second to spare, the two dogs ran to a nearby neighbor’s house. These two dogs are the true heroes of the day.

A Dog Owner’s Plight

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Maureen Hatch found herself in a little bit of a predicament. She was at home alone with her two dogs when she found herself suffering from a stroke. She collapsed to the floor and was unable to move. Fortunately, her two dogs were right there with her. She told them, “Mommy needs help. I’m in trouble here, I can’t move.”

Dogs to the Rescue

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Her two dogs soon went into action, somehow opening the front door and running to a nearby neighbor’s house. The neighbor, named Alexandra Naspolini, found Maureen unconscious. She called 911 and soon help arrived. The dogs, named Bella and Sadie are now being hailed as heroes.

Caught on Camera

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The whole incident was caught on camera. The video shows the dogs racing out of the front of the home and around the corner. And while the door normally automatically locks on the door, for some reason she had not closed it all the way on that day, which prevented the door from locking. This allowed the dogs to manipulate the handle and let themselves out.

In the video, captured by the Ring doorbell, the two dogs can be heard barking as they run out of the home. Soon, the neighbor appears on camera, entering the home. The neighbor found Maureen passed out on the bed.

She had some of the classic symptoms of a stroke, including weakness in one side of her body, confusion, and trouble speaking. Paramedics arrived on the scene and were able to get Maureen to the hospital where she received some much needed medical attention.

The Seriousness of a Stroke

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Strokes are serious business, depriving the brain of blood, killing cells and causing permanent brain injury. Getting the blood flow going again is an important step in treating a stroke. Luckily, for Maureen, a neurologist at Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida, where Maureen is from, was able to perform the life-saving procedure that makes this possible.

A Happy Ending

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A blood clot had cut off the flow of blood to her brain. The fast response of her pets, neighbor, and the paramedics meant Maureen suffered no lasting effects from the stroke. In only three days Maureen was back home with her two heroes, Belle and Sadie.

The Video of the Incident

And while Maureen lives with her 21-year-old grandson, he was not at home when she had her stroke. Lucky for her, Belle and Sadie were there to save her. You can check out the video of the two dogs running to the rescue below.


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