Lisa Sartori’s dad has always loved fast cars. Naturally, it’s rubbed off on her over the years.

Though Bob loves all sports cars, he’s forever had his eyes on one ride in particular: a Corvette. And though he’s had many vehicles during his 80 years on earth, he’s never called a ‘Vette his own. Lisa vowed that one day she’d get her dad one, so when  Father’s Day  rolled around this year, she bit the bullet.

His sweet reaction blew everyone away.


Lisa lured her dad to a location under the ruse that they were taking family photos for Father’s Day.


It worked so well that, though he noticed the Corvette parked nearby, he was too busy playing with all the kids to actually walk over and check it out. Eventually, though, he went to inspect the hotrod.


He talked about how there were Father’s Day gifts in the backseat and that it had a Marine emblem on it — coincidence that he was also a Marine veteran? Nope.

When Lisa walked over and handed her dad the keys saying, “Happy Father’s Day,” he broke down. “WHAT? … Wait a minute,” he exclaimed. He truly didn’t believe her until she showed him that the license plate featured his nickname.


Watch Bob’s reaction in the video below. It’s so heartwarming to see how happy he is when he gets in the car.  Share  to spread some love today!


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