Over the course of your life, you’ve probably had to find a way to hide the disappointment in your face when you opened a present that wasn’t exactly what you had hoped for. You’ve had to say thank you for something you may not use because you know that the moment is not about the gift but about the gesture.

Sweet Audrey clearly hasn’t mastered the art of maintaining her emotions when it comes to presents because when her mom let her open a Christmas present a little early she quickly went from disappointed to completely elated.


In a now viral  video , Audrey sits on the hearth of her festively decorated fireplace and tells the camera that she’s opening one of her Christmas presents early. As she unwraps the gift, a book, her reaction is clear – but she still asks her mom “why would you get me this?”


Despite her daughter’s reaction, mom keeps her cool and instructs her daughter to read the card that came along with the book.

Audrey begins to read the card which is from her new baby brother or sister. After a moment, the announcement sinks in and Audrey is shocked.


Audrey then begins yelling, screaming, and crying with pure joy as she asks her mom question after question about the baby. How long has she known? Where is it? What is the picture inside the card?

The sweet new-big-sister is elated to “have someone to sleep with [her] at night” and declares that day to be the “best day ever” – not just in her life to date, but even as her life goes on – no day will top this one.


Audrey thanks her mom (and God) over and over, because she so badly wanted a sibling. We have a feeling she’s going to be one amazing big sister based on her reaction – and that she won’t be so quick to judge a present in the future.

Watch the hysterical, adorable, and sweet announcement below & be sure to share with your friends!


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