Too often, we focus on the dreadful parts of parenting: the diaper changes, the tantrums, the expenses of raising children, and so on. But what about all the good aspects of parenting? You know, the parts that make you smile and laugh and genuinely make you proud to be a parent? Yeah, those! There are a lot of them.

In one video on the web, a father tickling his adorable triplet boys reminds us that joy can be found in the simplest of things. It also reminds us why we shouldn’t take parenting for granted. Sometimes reading our children one more story before bed or engaging in Ring a Ring o’ Roses for the seventh time is worth seeing the smile on their face.

The beginning of the video reveals three identically-dressed, curly-headed baby boys lounging on a couch. Then daddy storms in, in “tickle monster mode.” Instantly, the three cuties squeal of excitement! Seeing their little faces light up was a joy in itself.

The best part is next. Dad walks away like nothing ever happened and stalls for a bit while the boys settle back down in their chill state. But back comes the tickle monster once more! At this point, I die with laughter as each triplet squeals with laughter at the exact same time. It appears that the father and his three boys are having equally as much fun with his tickle monster act!

More rounds continue where the tickle monster leaves and comes back roaring before providing another tickle attack. The three boys have the same hilarious reaction, acting surprised each and every time. Like them, I have the same reaction each time too, smiling and giggling at their adorable laughs.

The fact that this father had the energy and took the time to play around with his three boys after a long, tiring day of work really says something. Sure, many parents still take on their mother or father duties regardless of how tired they are, but hey, the tickle monster requires quite a bit of zest if you ask me!

With millions of YouTube views and hundreds of positive comments, it’s clear that others enjoyed the tickle monster video too.

If you have children yourself, what is/was your favorite game to play with them to keep them entertained? Peek-a-boo? Hide-and-go-seek? Maybe you were a tickle monster too? Let us know!

To see dad play around with his three sweet babies, watch the video below!


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