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Hosting a quinceanera for your daughter is a big deal. It’s a Hispanic custom that celebrates a girl’s 15th birthday and can also be referred to as Quince Años in Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central and South American traditions.


It can also be called a quinces, a Quinceanera, a Quinceanero or a Fiesta Rosa.

The event usually starts with a religious ceremony followed by a reception at home or a banquet hall that includes food, music, and a choreographed dance by the Quinceanera and her court, a group of family and friends she handpicks to share the spotlight with her. The Quinceneara will usually wear a big dress, sometimes with a tiara and scepter.

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There are also other traditions that take place at the party, like the Last Doll where the girl is given a doll to represent the last thing childhood item she will receive. The event is meant to celebrate a young girl’s transition into adulthood.

It represents a significant point when daddy’s little girl is no longer a little girl but a young woman.

Retired U.S. Marine Leonardo Cortinas wanted to go the extra mile for his daughter, so he agreed to make their father-daughter dance extra special. His daughter Jasmine, however, had something unique in mind.

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She wanted their dance to be a special memory for herself, as well as all of her guests.

So, she choreographed a dance medley that ranged from Motown to hip-hop and club music to wow everyone.

Her dear old dad practiced for three weeks to get all his dance moves just right, TODAY reports.

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Their dance started out with “My Girl” by The Temptations, which morphed into “Soulja Boy” on other hits like “Gangham Style.”

Cortinas was super into it and nailing the dance moves his daughter taught him.

There’s one part in the video where he pretends like he doesn’t want to do the “Tootsie Roll.” But of course he does, and enthusiastically returns to the dance floor because everyone wants to do the “Tootsie Roll,” t-t-tootsie roll.

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Jasmine’s little brother then kicks her dad off the dance floor and jumps in his place to join his sister to Whip and Nae Nae.

Her father then joins her once again to finish off their performance, dancing cheek-to-cheek, with the song they started with.

You can see the sheer joy on this proud father’s face when they are done with their routine. It was a beautiful moment they, and their 600 guests, will never forget.

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“I wanted to do the surprise father-daughter dance because I didn’t want to be like all of the other quinceaneras,” Jasmine told TODAY Parents. “I wanted people to remember my fifteenth birthday and not just think of it as another party where they got free food or entertainment. I wanted it to be memorable for everyone — not just me.”

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And it certainly was a memorable moment for all who attended.

“They were wowed and a lot of the dads said to me that their little girls were wondering what they were going to do for their dance at their quinceaneras,” said Leonardo.

Leonardo says that will cherish the time he shared these dances with his daughter forever. And Jasmine feels the same.

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“I loved dancing with my dad,” said Jasmine. “I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

You can watch their awesome routine in the video above..

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