In October 1995, Gerald Rocky Hyatt, a construction worker in Chicago found a double knotted kitchen trash bag in a dumpster. The bag had a newborn baby inside! The baby’s mother had left the newborn girl for dead. Nurses named the baby Mary Grace and her story was famous in Chicago at the time. The infant was adopted and renamed Morgan.


Morgan had grown up knowing she was adopted, but two years ago, she found out the true story about how Gerald had saved her life. Morgan’s mother had a collection of news clippings and photographs saved from when Morgan was found. Morgan tracked Gerald down – she calls him her guardian angel. In the video, below, we get to see the moment when Morgan got to meet Gerald.

This meeting took place 20 years after Gerald found her in the dumpster. Yep. This is nothing but a miracle. Share away, people.

Source: heroviral

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