Kelly LaVette had her cat, Jill, for only about a month before the kitten ran away. Like any pet owner, Kelly felt heartbroken, and she tried her hardest to get her pet back. But it was the age before social media, and she could only do so much.

Thirteen years later, Jill is finally home with her owner.


Jill was rehomed from a high-kill shelter earlier in February. Rescuer Alison Ferguson of Georgia discovered that the cat had a microchip, which showed that she’d somehow ended up 75 miles away from her registered home in South Carolina.

Alison tried the phone number and email on the microchip, but both were out of service. To make things even more difficult, the microchip listed Kelly by her maiden name, and it listed Jill by the name “Abby.”


Through the power of the internet and some seriously impressive patience, Alison eventually got in contact with Kelly.

“It was so long ago that I forgot I had adopted her and was definitely surprised that no one had ever scanned the microchip in that long a time,” Kelly told Caters News.

“I knew it was something unusual when I was contacted using my maiden name, which I hadn’t heard for a very long time.”

A lot has happened in the years since Jill originally went missing. Kelly has completed college, gotten married, had two children, and moved multiple times.

Now Jill is finally home, and the two are pretty much inseparable.

Source: littlethings.

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