Claire Ryann may only be 6 years old but has the singing and musical talents that would make many aspiring adult singers envious.

From a young age Claire has been singing and performing and clearly loves entertaining with her incredible talent.

This time, the pint-sized pop princess decided to sing a song by rock and roll legend Elvis Presley.

Not only does this seem a tall order for a 6 year old but she chooses one of his most iconic songs: “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

The song was released in 1961 and over the last four decades has been covered by many great artists.


Not only does Claire sing the song beautifully but plays an instrument too!

“She’s been working really hard to learn this one on ukulele,” a post with her video reads.

Her stunning performance has attracted more than 270,000 views on YouTube and when you watch it you’ll see why.


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