Wedding surprises have become the norm and can bring tears or tons of laughter. Dance routines, surprise appearances, or unexpected miracles add an extra sprinkle of special to the celebration.

A sweet tradition between bride and groom is to exchange gifts with one another, either before or after the wedding. Sentimental keepsakes, love notes, or more lavish presents can add to the romance for a couple’s big day, or even help them battle nerves. Jeff Althoff decided to gift his brideJenna with something she’d been wanting for a very long time.


The video below opens with Jeff and his groomsmen talking about the gift. He describes it as the one of her dreams. It wasn’t something old, something borrowed, or something blue, but Jeff tricked his guys into thinking he would let them in on the secret before the ceremony. Too bad for them! Too bad for us too since we’ll have to wait as well.

At the reception, Jeff nervously announces that he has something special for Jenna. As the two are standing in the middle of the room, Jeff gushes about his bride and tells her that despite a few wisecracks about the gift, it is something just for her, and it’s everything she wants. Awww! He asks:

“Would you agree with me that the last few hours have been the best hours of your life as a family of two?”

The beautiful newlywed nods and answers yes. But when he says that now they’ve become a family of three, Jenna looks completely stunned. Her huge smile is still there, but her face looks like “Huh? Who’s having a baby?!” And the bridesmaid behind her is speechless (check out her expression). That is, until Jeff motions for Jenna to turn and around to see what’s going on.

It’s a puppy! One of the guests carries out a sizable British Lab and hands it to Jenna. I think Jeff hit a home run with this one. Watch the video below to see Jenna’s priceless reaction and more shots from the couple’s big day.

In an interview with a local Minneapolis TV station, Jeff said that Jenna always wanted a British Yellow Lab, and finding this 3-month-old puppy was perfect. If that wasn’t cute enough, the two lovebirds have pet names for each other – “Big Bear” for Jeff, and “Little Bear” for Jenna – so Jeff chose to name the puppy Bear. A whole family of bears!

Their new fur baby looks like he’s destined for a lifetime filled with love and affection. As bride and groom gift swaps go, this one was definitely unique and hit all the right notes for the bride. Jeff also posted a note on social media that his wifey surprised him with a new set of golf clubs. What’s better than finding ways to make a tradition your own?

What do you think of Jeff’s surprise gift? Were you expecting Jenna to get something different? What are your ideas on the bride-groom gift exchange? Tell us in the comments!


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