It was around two years ago when a gas station in Tamaulipas, Mexico first started getting regular visits from a local stray dog living in the area.

Every day, the poor dog would show up skinny and hungry, hopeful for any tiny morsel of food that the attendants at the station could offer him.
It’s hard to resist an animal in need, but unfortunately, the dog had another problem as well. Every time the attendants tried to approach him, the dog got scared. The poor animal was very skittish and it was obvious to the workers that it had been abused in the past. Because of this, it took them a while to gain the dog’s trust, but slowly over time, they did.

They all grew very fond of the pup and gave him the name Randy. Eventually, they even decided to adopt him.


“We fed him, bathed him and got him vaccinated,” Gerardo Aguilar, the station’s owner, told The Dodo.

“We adopted him. Now he lives here, and is cared for by all the workers.”

The lucky dog was finally being showed love for the first time in his life and although the workers never expected anything in return back, one day the faithful animal decided to return the favor.
For one of the gas station attendants who works there, the night started out just like any other. However, unfortunately, things soon took a turn for the worst. Two armed men approached the attendant, fully intent on robbing the place.

They demanded the worker let them into the office where all the money is kept. When he refused, they started attacking him, landing several hard punches and kicks that knocked him to the ground.

The whole event was captured on video by the gas station’s surveillance camera and the footage is shocking.

Luckily for the worker, all the commotion woke up Randy who was sleeping nearby, and the heroic dog knew exactly what to do.
There was no way he was going to let someone assault one of his good friends. Immediately he charged over and started fighting off the robbers.

The startled assailants were taken by surprise, and not wanting to get bit, they instantly started to back off.

In an incredible turn of events, working together as a team, Randy and the worker were soon able to scare them off.
The courageous pup saved the day.

Randy certainly has come a long way since that day a few years ago when he first showed up to the gas station all shy and timid.
He is now a total hero and definitely not afraid to face a little danger it seems. The customers at the gas station love seeing him too.

One woman, Nuria Arellano, who is a regular there had this to say:

“He makes it a better experience. I always call him, and he gets in the door of my truck and brings his face to mine,” Arellano said.

“It would be wonderful if the culture changed and there were more rescued puppies at other gas stations and other stores. Let’s hope this happens one day.”

Aurellano is definitely on to something. Wouldn’t it be great if every gas station had a friendly dog there to greet you every time you stopped by? We certainly think so, and now that this story has been going viral on Facebook, maybe other gas stations will start to see the benefit in keeping a pup around to help out too.

Watch the incredible footage below of Randy and the gas station attendant fighting off the robbers.


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