If you’re worried that your faith in humanity is dwindling down to nothing, fear not! We have found a video that will restore your faith. And it involves two zookeepers saving a baby zebra from drowning.

The baby zebra had just been born. But as it started to take its first new steps in the world, it took a harrowing stumble. The tense event took place at the  Valencia Bioparc  in the eastern Spanish region.

According to local reports, the zebra mother named La Nina (The Girl) was in a monitored labor situation when her baby was born. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst when the umbilical cord was cut and the male baby zebra fell and got stuck in the watering hole.

You can see in the footage how distressed the mother looks. And we’re not surprised, just moments after giving birth to a baby boy, the mother then watches in horror as her baby starts drowning.

But the mother didn’t have to worry too long as footage shows two brave zookeepers saving a baby zebra at the Bioparc in Spain

The two zookeepers, without a moment’s hesitation, plunged themselves into the watering hole and waded towards the drowning baby. The heroic duo managed to grab the small creature and carry it to shore.

Naturally, the mother seemed very protective of her baby as the two men started carrying him, but when she realized they were helping, she eased off.

The zookeepers splashed water at the mother to let her know that she had to stay away while they aimed to rescue her child.

When the zebra was back on the shore, the two men rushed back into the water for their own safety. They then exited to leave the mother to nurture her newborn.

Well done guys. All in a days work!  

Don’t forget to watch these brave zookeepers saving a baby zebra seconds after it’s born in the video below. Also, we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section.


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