While there are a lot of cute videos on the internet, this one  may   just  take the cake.

There’s no denying that there is a special bond between fathers and their daughters. Many times, a dad will do just about anything for his little princess, including sing along to her favorite song.

This father-daughter duo stole the hearts of thousands across the world when their post-bath performance went viral on the internet.

Recently, Trina Wesson shared an adorable video of her husband singing alongside their two-year-old daughter, Myla. The duo performed their own captivating rendition of the popular Maroon 5 song, “Girls Like You.”

Although Myla is just a toddler, she’s already an expert lip-syncer. Trina captioned the sweet video, “A little post bath lip sync battle last night. Myla is one heck of a lip syncer.” And let’s just say, there’s no denying that this girl is good.

In the video below, Myla expertly emphasized the lyrics of the song, demonstrating her undeniable talent. The pair looked at one another in the mirror, singing the catchy tune together and clearly enjoying the moment.

 Source: Instagram: @mydarlingmyla

With enthusiasm and enunciation, Myla stole the show with her killer performance. Her father swayed her back and forth, in awe of his sweet girl’s stunning skills.

Since the video’s release, it has become overwhelming popular, receiving over 15 million views and more than 86,000 comments. People from all over the world have swooned over the adorable pair, as they’ve melted the hearts of millions worldwide, demonstrating the indisputable love between a father and his daughter.

Myla’s dramatic and entertaining performance made many smile and laugh, including her dad.

Source: Instagram: @mydarlingmyla

Myla has quite a personality, and has become everyone’s latest obsession. The video has been flooded with comments, with people writing, “I can watch this over and over again,” “My heart is melting” and “This is the cutest thing EVER!” There were even a handful of commenters admitting, “Okay I want kids NOW!”

Maroon 5’s lead singer, Adam Levine, even retweeted the video on his Twitter profile, demonstrating that he enjoyed the duo’s performance as well.

The song lyrics state, “I need a girl like you, yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I need a girl like you, yeah yeah.” And the overall consensus of all those who watched the video have agreed that they need a girl like Myla in their life, just as the song says.

Two-year old Myla, and her sweet father’s sing along have us all in awe of the adorable family, and we’re all greatly appreciative that they’ve shared this endearing moment with the rest of world.

Source: Instagram: @mydarlingmyla

Most recently, Myla became a big sister, as the family welcomed another addition to their brood, a beautiful baby boy, Sawyer.

Source: Instagram: @mydarlingmyla 

The growing family is looking forward to making many more unforgettable memories together, and are sure they will continue their post-bath ritual with the newest member of the band, I mean, family.

Check out the absolutely adorable video below!


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