Going under the knife can give anyone the jitters so having family by your side can bring a sense of comfort. Sometimes, circumstances like distance can prevent a loved one from being present physically, creating a little sadness.

One mom had those thoughts as she was preparing for surgery, missing her son who lived 4,000 miles away. What she didn’t know was that he had plans to surprise her. Just before his mother Sarah went under for a kidney transplant, Carl James Brook showed up in the hospital room an hour prior to the procedure.

The YouTube vlogger – who is originally from England – currently lives in Berlin, Germany. His family lives in the U.S. and his mother was scheduled to undergo her transplant at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. She was missing her son and had no idea he was coming.

In this video you see Carl going into her room where his father is seated beside her. Watch the adorable yet tear-jerking moment as she realizes it’s her son.

He said he never saw his mom show this much emotion before and he’ll remember it forever. In the clip, she tells him, “So I sat in bed and cried this morning because, I’m like, I didn’t get to see my boy.” 

Brook told Fox 5 Atlanta that the planning happened very quickly. The week the family learned his mom would be getting the transplant, he was contacted by a family friend asking if he wanted to come to the States. With the cost of a flight from Germany being high due to it being so last minute, he didn’t think it would be possible.

But the family friend was able to get help from her flight attendant pal who arranged for the purchase of a discount ticket, days before the surgery. He made it to Atlanta on the day of, just in the nick of time. Because everything moved so fast, he forgot to tell his family he would be there. Surprise!


Brook was very gracious and thought it was cool how everything worked out. On his YouTube vlog, he shared that his mom had been sick for over ten years and on dialysis treatments for a year before the surgery. His sister was the one donating a kidney to their mother. He also said that he considers himself to be a mama’s boy, and he couldn’t be happier that she would be getting better.

Since no one in the family knew about his pending arrival, you’ll also be moved when you see the reactions of Carl’s dad and sister. At first, she didn’t even realize he was sitting in the same room! And yeah, we know it’s the onions that have you crying. Sons and daughters will want to collectively hug their moms after seeing this.

Carl later reported that his mother was doing great post-surgery and was even back to feeding her cats. The trip was more than worth it.


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