In just an instant, everything can change. You could be perfectly safe and healthy one second — and fighting for your life in the next.

Jib Street was hit with that terrifying reality in January. The Canadian hockey player was in the middle of playing a game at the Pineville Ice House when all of the sudden, he dropped onto the ice. He had gone into cardiac arrest, and if not for the man he calls his “guardian angel,” he may not be here today.

The rink’s camera recorded the harrowing moment he went down, unresponsive. Fellow players rushed to Jib’s aid, horrified by the sudden turn of events. By some stroke of incredible luck, he happened to be playing alongside Dr. Craig Bryant, an emergency room doctor. Nobody was more well-equipped to handle the situation than him.

Craig immediately began CPR on Jib, yelling for the other men to call 911. Fortunately, the rink had a defibrillator on hand as well. For over five long minutes, Jib didn’t have a pulse. But in what many are calling a “miracle on ice,” Craig finally got his heart beating again.

Craig ultimately saved Jib’s life, with the latter making a full recovery. For Jib, words can’t quite express how grateful he is.


“When I did see the video a couple of days ago, it is difficult to watch yourself go down and lie motionless on the ice. The gratitude comes from how fast this guy responded— that’s the miracle. I’m skating with an emergency room doctor,” Jib said.

The two later saw each other again in a heartwarming reunion full of hugs and smiles. That’s when Jib presented Craig with a small token of appreciation for pulling him back from the brink of death: a signed Wayne Gretski jersey!

Without Craig’s quick actions, it’s very likely Jib would have passed away on the ice that day. Thanks, Craig, for doing everything in your power to save another man’s life. You’re the definition of a hero.

Learn more about how Craig brought Jib back to life on the ice, and be sure to share this miraculous story.


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