When Mary and Gerhard Ringel first walked into the house, they thought they would never live in a place like this. It was small with low ceilings – but even more surprising, it was made from two streetcars. They were blown away and thought it was crazy, but eventually felt it was fun and ended up moving in.

Because of the small doorway, they joked about it being like a little hobbit house. Originally the house was pretty run down. But Gerhard began to improve upon it, starting with light boxes that look like stained glass and could change color. They then moved onto the colors. Before there were a lot of crazy colors, and they wanted to keep the energy but also adapt it to themselves. They went with a cheerful bright color scheme that is quite attracting for eyes.

The streetcars are made of redwood, which is why they have been able to stand for over a hundred years. The house has a cozy feeling and it’s easy to communicate in it. The house is certainly different, but in an almost fairy tale sort of way. It’s also situated right next to the beach and boardwalk, a lovely area to be in. What a wonderfully unique home to live in.


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