Dogs always love their free time in which they are unleashed and able to roam/run/dance everywhere they possibly can. Maybe that’s why they love their walks because they’re out in the open and able to be somewhat free in the fresh air. They’re in their own element when you let them just be, and that’s something you get to see in the video below as well.

Nora and Oscar’s human-parents recently bought a new home. The dogs however weren’t allowed into the backyard for more than a minute (they would go potty in the back and come right back in) because the backyard wasn’t completed yet. As soon as the space was ready to go though, they introduced their pups to their playground, and boy were they excited!

As soon as the parents open that back door, both Nora and Oscar don’t know how to contain their happiness, and excitement over the prospect of their new playing space! Watch how the husky is literally prancing around, doing bunny hops around the backyard.

In the video you can even hear the dad laugh and say, “This is weeks of pent up energy”. So it’s quite obvious that both the dogs were looking for an area where they can freely be playful and just themselves, and I think the parents definitely delivered! Watch them do zoomies around the yard, so cute!

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