Early January, a Good Samaritan heard meowing coming from a building. They followed the sound and were surprised to find a litter of kittens huddled up in a garbage bin.

The kittens were about two and a half weeks old, crying desperately for their mom. The person who found them, scooped them out to safety and got in touch with Cheltenham Cat Rescue, a local rescue group in Melbourne, Australia.

The kitties were scruffy, very scrawny and hungry. Amber, a foster volunteer of the rescue, immediately offered to care for them so they could begin their healing process in the comfort of a loving home.

“They were extremely scared, hungry, malnourished and totally confused as to what was going on,” Amber told Love Meow.

The four feline siblings stuck together throughout the ordeal, and tried to comfort each other as they adjusted to their new environment.

The little calico, who had a broken paw, was the loudest of all, shouting at her foster mom as she prepared their first meal at home. (Scroll down for video)

The kittens scarfed down all the food they could eat and fell asleep together with full bellies. They took a long nap that day, making up for lost sleep.

“Within 24 hours, they started purring and loving having cuddles,” Amber added.

The two boys, Ezra and Deja, are a bonded pair. They are inseparable and find comfort in one another. The two girls, Karma and Shea, stay close to their brothers and snuggle behind them when they nap.


The kitties need some help with grooming as they are still trying to perfect the art. Amber gently brushes them with a toothbrush which mimics a cat mom’s tongue.

“Little Karma’s paw was at a pretty bad angle when she arrived. The vet has fixed her up with a splint for the next couple of weeks.”

The sweet calico isn’t bothered by it at all. She continues to play, explore and walk around her room like nothing has happened.

Shea, the runt of litter, was 120 grams less than her siblings. Two weeks later, she is finally catching up in weight. 

The two brothers are eating from their dishes like a big kitty, whereas their sisters still demand their bottle at mealtime.

Their loud cries alerted the Good Samaritan to save them before it was too late.

Now instead of crying for food and love, what you hear is their purrs reverberating throughout their room as they snuggle comfortably in their soft, warm bed.

“They are absolutely precious little souls with their own personalities, and despite how they were neglected in their first weeks of life, they absolutely love humans and are extremely affectionate, purring, happy kitties,” Amber told Love Meow.

The two bonded brothers love to snuggle together.

“These cuties are just happy to know someone loves them after what they’ve been through.”

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