Brenda Kelly has loved tiny spaces since she was little. She has a passion for transforming small spaces into fully-functioning, livable homes with innovative design. Take this itty bitty shipping container, for example.

Kelly, now with IQ Container Homes, created one of the most cleverly designed shipping container homes on the market. At just 107-sq-ft, you’d be surprised how much functionality is inside.

Kelly didn’t only design this incredibly smart tiny house, but she now calls it her home, and it also serves as the company’s model unit. With more and more people opting for a downsized and “tiny” life, this is another prime example of how living with less doesn’t mean giving up modern amenities.

The outside of the shipping container doesn’t look like much. In fact, it’s still very true to its shipping container form. However, inside, it’s a whole other world.

The 20-ft shipping container is used; however, IQ Container Homes makes sure to use containers that have only made one trip across the Pacific from China. Any more trips than that and the container could lose its integrity.

Through the front door of the home, you’ll enter the main living space. It serves as the living room, kitchen, and sleeping nook.

Although the shipping container is narrow, it makes up for it with height. The tall ceilings help give the 107-sq-ft space a bit more of a roomier feeling. Even though the space is small, it has all the necessities you could ever want. Let’s keep exploring.

Thanks to elevated ceiling, tall cabinets were used in the kitchen for plenty of storage space.

The kitchen also features a sink, mini-fridge, and even more drawer storage. A single or double burner stove could easily be placed on the countertops and stored away when not in use.


Most tiny homes opt for a sleeping loft; however, Kelly designed a unique upstairs living room loft accessed via a small set of stairs seen in the photo of the main room.

Kelly made sure to keep plenty of height in the room so that standing or moving around wouldn’t be an issue. The sofa and chaise lounge also double as another sleeping area for guests; there is also extra storage underneath each one.

The bedroom, which sits below the living area, has a ceiling that is just 3-ft high; just tall enough to be able to sit up in bed without bumping your head.

There’s not much to Kelly’s simple sleeping space, but it looks comfy and cozy for a good night’s sleep. She also created a hanging garment closet in the tiny bedroom as well. When you’re living tiny, it’s important to get creative with every inch of the home.

One thing Kelly didn’t skimp on — is bathroom space. A clear roof allows natural sunlight to flow in and warm the room.

The bathroom features a large shower and composting toilet. The see-through ceiling helps create the illusion of even more space in such a tiny home.

The 107-sq-foot shipping container was transformed into a beautiful and sleek home, thanks to Kelly’s brilliant space-saving design. Take a fully guided, walk-through tour in the video.

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