In the dead of winter when soft and light snowflakes airily fall from the school, it’s a winter wonderland as far as the eye can see. Crisp piles of snow crackle under boots and tree branches become laden with the powdery white stuff.

As long as certain precautions are taken to protect little ones and pets, it’s a blast to play outside in the snow. Dogs leap and pounce in the snowdrifts, biting at and eating the snow with glee.

Pet owners know it’s important to have adequate shelter for animals whether the weather could be harmful or worse. Experts insist that when temperatures outdoors reach a certain threshold, it’s best if a pet is brought indoors: if a human wouldn’t be left outside, then neither should an animal.

One pet owner was out and about with her pupper, a super cute black and tan dog with a fairly thick coat. The dog was so excited to be outside, but stopped in its tracks when it spied a fellow furry friend in need of assistance.

The human and dog had stumbled across a rather large-sized black cat that had been prowling about. Barn cats usually hole up in a warm pile of hay and venture outdoors to scout for food.

No one knows if this particular cat was an outdoor cat roaming around, accustomed to the weather, or someone’s pet that instead belonged indoors. Either way, this little pup wasn’t about to leave behind its new pal.

Just like a momma cat, the dog latched on to the back of the cat’s neck and pulled it across the frozen snow. They routed between trees, the dog determined to reach its destination.

The human recorded the dog’s good intentions to help the cat find a warmer spot. Whether or not the cat wanted rescued, no one will ever know.

But judging by the way the cat leaped into the dog’s wooden house, we’d have to guess that it was thankful for a warm place to hang, even if it meant shacking up with a dog. It’s so cute how the dog peeks outside, hops out to wag its tail with excitement, then dives back into the doghouse for a warm slumber party with its new bud.

Facebook user Michelle Krastof Bergschwenger expressed concern about the rough looking doghouse, but had nothing but praise for the dog.

“…that pup is a hero!”

Several other Facebook users were worried about the cat being out and about in the cold. A couple people weren’t thrilled that the human videotaping didn’t stop and help with the dog’s rescue mission.

Others oohed and aahed over the footage, noting that the friendly dog did a wonderful thing, sneaking the cat off to its cove for a break from the winter weather.



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