This guy is awesome! Not only is he an award-winning singer-songwriter and record producer, but he has a heart of gold, too. Andy Grammer, 35, from California, is a multi-platinum pop singer with two songs from his debut album in 2011 turning into big hits: “Keep Your Head Up” and “Fine by Me.”

Recently, Grammer visited Dallas Children’s Health, hoping to create a bit of magic for the sick kids staying there with his music. As he waltzed through the wards, singing at the bedsides of children eager to listen to the pop star serenade them, he was soon confronted with a rather jubilant young patient.

When he reached the room of one young girl, named Kylah, instead of inspiring her as he had the other kids, she reached his heart with her own raw talent and passion and touched him in a way he won’t soon forget.

“This little girl has been in a hospital for 6 months and she has hope,” he said on Facebook. “She told me when she gets sad she puts this on and sings and it reminds her to be brave. Kylah is an incredible reminder that in any situation, no matter how dire hope can be found.”

Instead of hearing Grammer belt out a tune, Kylah wanted to sing for him. That’s what you call “turning the tables.”

“She then proceed[s] to touch my soul with her voice,” wrote Andy on Facebook. “She pulled out her iPad and sang her guts out to a song called ‘I Believe’ by Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled.”

Grammer was blown away by Kylah’s voice, and wrote on social media, “Her voice and spirit have stayed with me this week. I am [in] love. When I come back to Dallas I want her to come sing on stage with me. I hope this makes your week like it made mine.”

Grammer has a kind heart and is sure to make good with his intention to help Kylah with her singing, and in turn she has inspired him with her positive attitude to life, in spite of her own obstacles.

Have a listen to their soulful interaction and see if you don’t feel the same way as Grammer.



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