Ashton Mazyck, a Lyft driver from Worcester, Massachusetts, was about to head home after finishing his late-night shift. It was 3 a.m. and freezing cold outside.

But just before calling it a night, Ashton saw something that left him completely dumbfounded. There by the building’s front door, all alone in the frigid cold, was a 2-year-old girl.

The toddler was all alone. She had no shoes, no socks, and no coat. She was crying and barefoot, standing in the ice and salt.


Ashton couldn’t believe his eyes. How on earth did this child wind up here? “When I first saw her, it was this precious little girl,” he told CBS Local. “She looked at me, tears in her eyes, and I just felt all sorts of emotions. I had to make sure she was safe. I wanted her to feel safe.”

The Lyft driver picked her up and swaddled her, then brought her inside and called his mother for help. “Come quickly,” he said. “Bring a blanket; I found a little child.”

Together, Ashton and his mother, Vida, cared for the little girl in their apartment and tried everything they could to warm her up. Her feet were encrusted with ice, snow, and salt.

Had it not been for this heroic duo, things could have ended in tragedy.


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