She was only a puppy when a cruel person shot her in the back, with the result being that both her hind legs had to be amputated. She never gave up though, as evinced in this video. This is her story.

Victoria is only two years old but has already been through so much in her short life. Don’t let her size or age fool you though, she’s got guts! Besides, inside she has the heart of a princess.

When she was shot in the back, it didn’t look as though there was any hope for her. Vets had to amputate both her hind legs and hope for the best. With all of her heart and strength, she showed everybody that she was no pushover.

Following her amazing recovery, the resilient Victoria has proven she can give any dog a run for their money. Using her tail for balance, she runs around by relying on her upper body strength, even without wheels.

Watch Victoria get around town in her cute outfit. She is so full of life. It’s amazing how she balances herself on her forelegs while wiggling her lower body non-stop in the air.

Be sure to watch to the end of the video to see what little Victoria was gifted with.



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