All this father wanted to do was prepare breakfast for himself and his family. But his twin daughters, who kept sneaking up to the fridge to check what’s inside, was not making it easy for him. He kept pulling them away from the fridge but, with their eyes’ firmly planted at the open fridge, they kept going back and even standing in front of the fridge. 

Taking care of one baby is hard. Taking care of twin babies is even more challenging! When Urban Davidsson took his twin babies to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, he did not realize it would be a struggle just taking out food. Now, he has to take out the food, place it on the counter, pull away one baby to sit a few feet away, pull away the other baby and do the same, and repeat. 

It quickly turns into a comedy that will no doubt have this daddy wore out by the time breakfast is over. The moment he opens the door the twins go into full speed to see what they can pull out of the refrigerator and hopefully find a “meal” of their very own. Thankfully a camera was running to remind daddy years down the way what a patient soul he was to take care of his inquisitive little ones so carefully.

In fact, this dad just may be a candidate to win “most patient dad of the year award.” After viewing the antics his little ones put him through, it seems a most fitting award for him!

There’s no doubt raising twins is a tiring job, but it also means double the rewards, laughter, and fun memories to look back on. One can only imagine what lies ahead for this family and the stories this daddy will have to tell. Perhaps with their interest of food already being shown at a young age they will aspire to be chefs in the future.


But for now, they will have to be happy with what their daddy fixes them, that is if he has an energy left to do so once he gets them all settled into their high chairs to enjoy their breakfast.

Source: sharetap.

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