It doesn’t matter who we are, it is always nice to take a step back every once in a while get a new perspective of ourselves. We might have been happy with the way that we looked for years but when we truly take a look in the mirror, we might find that a makeover is in order. That was what Mary discovered and she went to the Makeover Guy’s studio, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was looking for a haircut to make her look a little younger and less frumpy but she ended up walking out as a new woman.

The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, has been making quite a splash online and in his local area of Minneapolis. Not only is he known for makeovers, he is an author, a singer, producer, educator, and entrepreneur. He is perhaps best known for what he does in the beauty industry. It all started in 1990 when he got his beginnings in the haircare industry, opening the Christopher Hopkins Salon in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was also a host for their show. Ever since that day, he has opened many salons, including his main makeover salon in Minneapolis.

At his primary salon, he offers a number of different services but it really depends upon what you request and of course, what you may be needing. He does haircuts, hair colors, wax, makeup, and complete makeovers. You may be offered any number of different packages when you walk into the salon.


Christopher is changing the lives of many of the people who come into his salon for a makeover. Ann is one of his regular clients and he started by giving her a sassy look that really made her daughter stand up and take notice. Christopher cut her hair regularly and they have developed a beautiful friendship. Pam is another client and she often comes in with her 86-year-old mother for makeovers.

It’s little wonder that Mary was so excited to walk into his salon. She was tired of her current look and had been looking at makeovers on Google and YouTube. Her hair had been colored out of the same type of box for over 20 years and she knew it was time to make a change. When her hair was cut shorter, she realized that it was looking better.

When the haircut was finally revealed to her, along with the color, she was amazed at what she was seeing. It was a platinum blonde pixie cut and it worked well for her. She said that her husband was going to love it, especially since he enjoys shorter hair and had been asking her to cut it for a while.

The makeover was going to be an anniversary gift surprise and she has been married for 27 years. She’s looking forward to showing off the new look to her husband.




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