Reunions are always sweet, and this one is no exception.

Four years ago, this lovely Beagle-Labrador mix was adopted from a litter dubbed “The Adams Family” and welcomed into her new home.

Her brothers and sisters were all adopted, too, and each one was raised in a loving environment with people who valued them and loved them as family.

Samo’s story is a happy one.

Samo was adopted from the Animal Haven Shelter in Soho by a loving couple four years ago. On March 6, 2016 they organized a reunion with her and her siblings. She hadn’t seen them since she was adopted at 8 weeks old.

The couple was able to contact half of the pack who made it to the reunion at Happy Paws in NYC, where they shared stories about similarities, likes and dislikes, their health history and their taste in food (they’re all foodies).

Some love sticks, some love swimming, others hate it. And they’ve all eaten something they shouldn’t have at some point (paint, muffins, raw bacon, nuts, fortune cookies)! After seeing their emotional interaction it’s easy to believe the dogs knew they were family.



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