Police now say the K9, thought to be injured in the shooting near the Sunrise Mall was miraculously uninjured in the incident.

In a more thorough account of the incident on Tuesday, Citrus Heights police claim K9 Axel was released to bring down the suspect who was allegedly firing shots at the north end of the Sunrise Mall in the parking lot. The suspect switched to the K9, opening fire.

Officers then fired at the suspect and struck him.

At least two rounds have been fired at point-blank range at the head of the K9 police say. Then the suspect shot at policemen.

The policemen sad the dog’s face had a “significant amount of blood on it,” when the K9 returned to his handler. The K9 was then taken to a veterinarian, with policemen thinking the K9 had been shot.

However, police said the K9 had not been shot at all after having a cleaning at the vet.

Police believe the blood throughout the K9 was actually from the suspect, who didn’t survive.

Officers said the actions of the K9 Axel saved their lives in the event.

At this stage, Citrus Heights police are not releasing the suspect’s identity.

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