A video that was filmed on July 5 in Indonesia shows a group of people riding on the back of a distressed sea turtle struggling to make its way back to the ocean.

The locals apparently captured the turtle after it had been laying eggs on Asukweri beach and was attempting to get back into the water.

In the footage, each person takes a turn riding on the turtle without any regard for its suffering. One man even stands his full adult weight on the sea creature’s flippers for amusement. The people in the video were not just being careless, they also seemed aggressive.

Eventually, the turtle is released back into the sea, having been put through harmful and unnecessary stress.

Each person takes a turn riding on the turtle without any regard for its suffering. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The local authorities have not done anything about it nor commented on the video. However, once the video hit the internet, animal lovers from all across the world were shocked and a flood of comments came with their opinions about this thoughtless behavior.

The World Wildlife Federation said these specific leatherback turtles are the largest of the sea turtle family and are facing extinction with a serious population decline.

“Although their distribution is wide, numbers of leatherback turtles have seriously declined during the last century as a result of intense egg collection and fisheries bycatch,” according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

If you see one of these “vulnerable” creatures, please treat it with care and respect, and if you know who these people are please report them to the Indonesian authorities.

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