Authorities have recovered a truck stolen from outside a Baton Rouge donut shop Sunday, July 7. A dog that was in the truck when it was stolen was found dead inside, the pet’s owner confirmed Monday, July 8.

The incident happened around noon Sunday at Pelican Doughnuts when David Mohr left his dog, Roleaux, inside his truck with the air conditioning running.

Moments after Mohr went into the store, he said a woman walked up to the truck. When he raced outside to stop her, that’s when things took a terrible turn. The woman reportedly hit him with the door of the truck before speeding off, dragging him about 20 feet in the process.

Leslie Aguillard, 30, was arrested on theft of a vehicle, theft of an animal, attempted second-degree murder, cruelty to an animal and theft.

According to an East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, law enforcement officers found the truck near the 4000 block of South Sherwood Forest Boulevard Monday.

A person who witnessed the theft saw the suspect and called deputies, the sheriff’s office spokeswoman said. They arrived to find Roleaux dead inside.

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