In honor of their father who passed away from kidney failure, two Illinois sisters donated their kidneys to strangers.

After losing their father Mark, sisters Bethany and Hannah Goralski made the decision in the hope that two other families would not suffer the way they did.

Although Mark had previously undergone one transplant in 2011, Bethany was prepared before his death to donate her kidney to her father, but doctors “told us at the time he wasn’t healthy enough for transplant,” she said.

Eight years ago, Hannah and I walked into this hospital for the first time when surgeons successfully transplanted…

Posted by Bethany Goralski on Tuesday, March 19, 2019

“My dad was always giving, he was always helping others,” Hannah, 24, added. “And I thought, what a great way to honor him.”

month after her dad died, Hannah called an Illinois hospital to set up the surgery. In March, the sisters went through the procedures, about a day apart.


Bethany said she hoped she and her sister’s story will young people like themselves to do research about becoming an organ donor.

“I thought ‘Why wait,’ ” Hannah said. “If someone’s dying now and I can help them now, hopefully by then when I’m older I’ll look back and say, ‘I’m glad I didn’t wait.’”

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