They say that the only enemy you can’t live without is your sibling. And while it’s normal to see brothers screaming at each other, arguing about trivial issues, and running after each other, it’s still nice to see brothers showing their love for each other.

A little girl named Henley, who is about one and a half, is seen snuggling up to her newborn baby sister Peyton at a hospital in Pennsylvania in a heart-meltingly cute video posted on Facebook.

The video was recorded at the hospital where baby Peyton was still being watched over. Henley cuddled her younger sister, very much in love, and Henley’s reaction was priceless when her grandmother tried to take Peyton away.

Peyton is shown, swaddled and tucked into her hospital bassinet, but her big sister Henley is snuggled in there with her.

Henley has one arm under the new baby, who is positioned partially on top of her — and she clearly wants to keep it that way.

Grandma asks more than once if she can pick up Peyton and another woman asks, too — but every time Henley looks serious and firmly shakes her head no.

Finally, the room’s adults get the message that Henley doesn’t let go of her little sister. They give up and instead offer a ride to Henley while she’s still in the bassinet with her baby. Henley gives her little nod of approval.

Her grandmother asks her: ‘You gonna take care of your sister?’, Henley gives another tiny nod.

The video has been viewed over 9 million times since it was first posted on Facebook on September 13. 

“She’s so protective!” wrote Danielle Neville.

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