When Oksana Kobeletska, from Odesa, Ukraine learned that she was pregnant, she was exceedingly happy.

Oksana and her husband Sergey already had a three-year-old daughter and were delighted to have an addition to the family.

She suspected from the beginning that there was more than one child in her tummy. But there was an even bigger surprise awaiting them.

Oksana suspected that there was more than one child in her tummy. (Odessa Five/ Facebook)

When Oksana went to her ultrasound appointment, she saw the doctors face change from calm to shock. She received some incredible news that day.

“When I saw the shock on the doctor’s face, my heart stopped for a moment,” Oksana remembered. “Then she said under her breath, ‘You will definitely have earned a prize for this.’ Apparently I was singlehandedly boosting the national birthrate…”

The OB/GYN made the announcement: “I’m seeing five fetuses. Maybe even six. It’s hard to say.”

“I’m seeing five fetuses”, The OB/GYN said. (Odessa Five/ Facebook)

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The doctor and hospital staff were both surprised and happy, but for Oksana and Sergey, it wasn’t all smiling faces. She said: “I felt like I was dreaming—well, having a nightmare. I kept expecting to wake up”.

Oksana went into labor after just 30 weeks of pregnancy. When she reached the delivery room, there were 8 doctors on standby waiting for her.

Three boys and two girls were delivered successfully via C-section. (Odessa Five/ Facebook)

“The treated me like I was made of porcelain– they were extremely cautious,” Oksana recalled.

Oksana delivered successfully three boys and two girls via C-section on June 24, 2016.

Babies Daria, Alexandra, Denis, Vladislav, and David became real internet stars from the moment of birth.

Oksana’s “five pearls” and their enchanting big sister. (Odessa Five/ Facebook)

As challenging as it is to take care of such a big family, Sergey and Oksana couldn’t be happier! People stop and welcome them happily, fascinated by the babies wherever they go.

Such a big family (Odessa Five/ Facebook)

The incredible birth made history as it was the first known case in Ukraine.

Cute babies (Odessa Five/ Facebook)

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